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Wallis's Farm Butchers

Home Reared Quality Meat from Farm to Fork

Cattle in Pasture

Beef, Pork, Lamb & Poultry

We rear our own cows, pigs, lamb and poultry on our farm in Tendring Essex. The welfare of our animals is paramount and shows in the quality of the meat we produce.

On Site Butchers

Our home reared meat is butchered and prepared on site to meet our customers' requirements. Choose from joints, chops, steaks, mince, burgers, koftas, skewers etc., etc. Try our flavoured meats, which are delicious and include : Minted, Garlic, BBQ, Double Smoke....


Ultimate BBQ Packs
quality meat at incredibly low prices

includes packs of following: 


Burgers (4)
Sausages (8)
Garlic Chicken Skewers (3)
BBQ Chicken Skewers (3)
Dble Smoke Chicken Skewers (3)
Minted Lamb Koftas (4)
Lamb Koftas (4)

includes packs of following: 


Burgers (4)
Sausages (8)
Chicken Drummers (3)

Chicken Nibbles (3)
Chicken Thighs (3)


Homemade Pies

Scrumptious home made pies using our own home reared meat. Delicious choices include Chicken and Forest Mushroom * Chicken, Ham & Leek * Beef & Kidney in Mersea Island Stout * Humble Beef * Minced Beef & Onion * Beef & Stilton

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